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Petersfield Area Churches Together
Annual General Meeting held at
St Laurence Church Hall, Petersfield,
on Wednesday, 16th January 2019 at 7.30pm

Helen Mason, Simon Mason, Tim Concannon, (Joint Chairs) Christine Tully (Treasurer) Anna Olliffe (Secretary) Belinda Shaw, Josh Thomas, Patsy Robinson, Jill Watt, Brian Edwards, Vanessa Dowse, John Callaghan, Marion Voller, Linda Read, Lynn Carter, Richard Saunders, Madeleine King, Janet Owen, Carolyn Barton, David Barton, Jenny Parkes, Amanda Greenlee, Robert Gussman, Sharon Skrzypcak, Lindsay Clegg, Jenny Ballinger, Liz Studd, John Studd, Ken Tottle, Olivia Tottle, Judith Bee

1. Introduction: Helen reflected on Psalm 136 and on the God whose love never fails us and who created the universe. She reflected that as the churches in Petersfield we are representatives of God’s never-quitting love in our town.

2. Apologies for absence: Hillary Bonney, Peter Hollins, John Owen, John Ide, Caroline Freeland, Joan and Terry Thraves

3. Minutes for last AGM (17.1.18): No comments were made

4. Matters Arising from previous AGM minutes: None

5. Convenor’s Report (by Tim Concannon –full version available on the PACT website)

Tim has been deeply impressed with the quiet work carried out by everybody for the good of our community. He mentioned the Food Bank, Home Start, the Kings Arms, Holiday at Home, the Holiday Club (which, sadly, did not happen this year) and the Christmas Lunch.

In addition to that, our public worship together in the Good Friday Walk of Witness, the Carols in the Square and our Faith Comments serve to remind people of the mission and sacrifice of Jesus our redeemer. Our Christmas cards and Easter cards do the same thing.

As always there are thanks due: to Anna Olliffe and Christine Tully for their work, John Studd for his care of the website and everyone for their time and work on behalf of the Town.

Whilst it is tempting to say “it is accomplished” it is not. We know that we leave the Convenorship of PACT in good hands with Richard [and Carolyn] and we continue to pray for all the good work that is being done.

6. Accounts: (Christine Tully) Christine presented the PACT accounts for YE 30.09.18, circulated signed copies, explained items in the report and invited questions. Accounts are available on the PACT website.

7. PACT Partnered AND Linked Groups Reports.

For the full reports from all PACT linked groups please see the PACT website:

8. PACT website report (John Studd and Helen Mason)

John produced a web report detailing website views and the email groups. Helen acknowledged that John has done an excellent job on the website, but now feels that it is time to pass this on. Could all churches please be on the lookout for anyone who would be willing to take this work forward? Anyone who is interested should contact John Studd via the PACT website. John Callaghan thanked John for his work, as did representatives from the Foodbank who recognised that his work was crucial in directing clients to the service.

9. Updates from churches

Churches who wished to, gave a brief update on the highlights of their year.

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