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Hampshire East: General Election Results 2015

Election Husting 2015: St Peter's at 7:30 pm on Thursday 23 April

Alex Wilks Damian Hinds Peter Baillie Peter Bisset Richard Robinson Will Hughes
Labour Conservative UKIP Green Liberal Democrat Vicar of St Peter's

The audience in a packed St Peter's church was treated to an evening of good natured questions and answers at the husting for the 2015 General Election. All five candidates were present and questions provided by the audience were read either by the questioner or the chairman, Rev'd Will Hughes of St Peter's and current chairman of PACT. There was often agreement between candidates on the answers and there was none of the bickering that occurs in some television election broadcasts.

At one point the chairman commented upon the applause that followed one answer by suggesting that the audience should applaud those answer with which it agreed but that they should reserve expressing their disapproval in the election booth on the 7 May.

In the final summing up all the candidates advised against tactical voting and urged everyone to vote - and to vote for those values and policies which were dear to them.

See the list of questions posed to the candidates

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Candidates for East Hampshire - in alphabetic order of surname:

Peter Baillie Peter Bisset Damian Hinds Richard Robinson Alex Wilks
UKIP Green Conservative Liberal Democrat Labour
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UKIP Manifesto
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Praying in The Square, Wednesday evening 6 May

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Questions posed to the Candidates

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Constituency Profile

The Hampshire East constituency includes the medium-sized towns of Petersfield and Alton, and the smaller towns of Bordon, Liss and Liphook. Alton has thriving businesses in the retail and service sector, but the area's financial services industry was hit by the economic downturn. Many residents commute to either London or Portsmouth.

The proportion of households with four or more cars or vans is 4.5%, the ninth-highest, according to ONS 2011 Census figures for England and Wales.

The seat was formed in 1983 out of the old Petersfield constituency and was held by Conservative and former soldier Michael Mates until he retired at the 2010 election. Damian Hinds won it for the Conservatives last time out, with 56.8% of the vote, followed by the Liberal Democrats on 30.5%, Labour 7.9% and UKIP 2.9%.

  East Hampshire Nationally
  What proportion of eligible people voted? 71% 65%
  What is the average age? 40 39
  What proportion of the population were born outside the UK? 9% 13%
  What proportion of those aged over 16 have a degree level qualification? 34% 27%
  What proportion claim Job Seekers Allowance? 1% 2%
  What is the average weekly full time wage? £551 £518
  What proportion describe their health as 'good' or 'very good'? 85% 81%
  What proportion of employed people work on the public sector? 11% 19%
  What is the average property price in this constituency? £276,000 £210,000

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