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PACT Holiday Club 2014

Holiday Club 2014 took place between Monday 28 July and Friday 1 August 2014

During the first full week of the school summer holidays PACT Holiday Club took over the Petersfield School each morning, and spent the time looking at what it means church within the local community.

Holiday Club, over the last four years has had a small Junior group that has divided into three choices:

The other half of Holiday Club has been run as a Messy Church - parents and other adults in with children under eight, with the crafts and activities planned by Emma Dean supported by Penny Callaghan andsupported by a team of teenagers and adults mainly from St Peters and Life Church Petersfield.

Worship this year was led by Lindsey Gilbey and Jez Shipton, supported by Peter Udall, Liz Studd, Laura Hauer and Helen Mason. Members from the local clergy led the all age talks - Judith Bee spoke about what a Church is, Will Hughes explained about our creative God, Peter Hollins showed us signs for God and Jesus while describing Jesus, Richard Saunders demonstrated the Holy Spirit and John Callaghan brought the week to a close with a headline recap.

Over the week we had 117 adults attend the Messy Church, 168 children sign in for Messy Church, 40 children in the Juniors and 40 volunteers.

We have had some positive comments from parents who attended and some helpful suggestions that will be used in future planning.

The junior art created a community of meerkats driving a car which is on display in the Life Church Petersfield office window.

See photographs taken during the 2014 Holiday Club:

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Messy Church Starts again on 16 September

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